Why Kickstart Coding?

This is the Year of Code.

There are some well-established organisations providing invaluable contributions to the community in the pursuit of digital literacy for all.

Learning the basics of code will be introduced to all schools from September.

There are also some excellent training companies providing courses on digital skills and literacy for the corporate and government sectors. However, some of these do appear a little exclusive and expensive for many.

And sitting between the school children and the business sectors is one section of the community that is being left behind in a rapidly growing digital economy – the NEETs – the million plus young adults not in education, employment or training.

So we have started a campaign to help give these young adults their first steps in learning to code, and we have called it KickStartCoding.

Our aim is two-fold: to give them an overview of the digital world so that they can start to become digitally literate – comfortable enough hold a conversation in all things digital, and more importantly to get them to start asking the questions by sparking their curiosity – and also to help them to understand the first steps to the skills of coding.

Coding is simple to learn, and once started you can make great strides in a very short time. If it ignites a passion to learn more then all the resources needed are available, free online.  It may even inspire them to go on a learn to become a web developer, one of the most sought after, and well paid jobs, in the country. The demand for developers will just keep growing over the coming years.

It has never been a better time to learn to code, a great skill for the CV, a possible pathway to a new career.

We aim to take the campaign around the country, with the help from partner organizations and try to help those who are unemployed but wish to understand our digital world. We might just help them loose the fear that may be holding them back, and maybe we can help create some of the entrepreneurs of the future.

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