Why I Love Coding As A Career

Mladen tells us the why he loves coding as a career:

Why would you tell somebody that they should learn to code?

Because it’s easy. The amount of things you need to know as a coder in order to start coding is probably far less from what you think you should know. The steps used to teach you how to produce your first functional piece of code are simple concepts that build upon one another.

So learning doesn’t stop when you become a coder?

The amount of learning will depend on your own desire to progress. There are jobs out there for absolute beginners. They might not have the variety of work an experienced coder will have but inevitably you will learn new things, and gain new skills. It’s up to you if you take that to a new level once you become very competent at a particular job. Your options will be very clear to you, and resources are available online to achieve them. Most workplaces will be more than happy to train you up if you show interest.

What do you like most about your job?

It’s a job that doesn’t get boring. If you enjoy solving puzzles and problem solving in general, coding is exactly that. The difference in satisfaction is that it’s not the same old puzzle every time, you gain cashable skills and knowledge by cracking these problems and in the end you get paid.

How about job security?

As a coder you have a trade. If you see yourself as someone with no particular skillset, as someone easily replaceable, then coding can change all that. Most coders are seen as experts at what they do and are often invited to give an opinion on matters involving their own expertise. You are asked how much time something will take to do, and get respect for the knowledge you have by the ones who don’t have it.

Is it a job for life?

Coding is a job that has no planned obsolescence. Automation is coming folks. A popular prediction stated that 50% of jobs would be gone by 2030 due to automation. A lot of coding will be required to achieve all this automation! You can only count on your job market being wider, whilst everyone else’s shrinks.

Why would you recommend to somebody a career in coding?

For a start you can earn more. Speaking as someone with primary school education, who, with the help of the internet, learned to code on my own, I could tell you that I make more money than most that have a degree and an equal amount of years of experience in their own trade.

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