Lovecode Case Study: Katherine Dyson

Katherine is a 33-year-old mother of two from Barnsley, who attended our three day ‘Code + Design + Data’ course in Leeds.

She works in the online department of a greeting card company and initially signed up for the course to acquire digital skills to help her support the company’s website. The company paid a web design agency to design to manage its website but had no employees in-house familiar with coding or web development.

Katherine recognised that the company was unhappy with the speed and progress on some of the agency’s projects but there was no one who knew enough about web development to effectively manage them.

In three days, she went from having no prior coding experience to learning how to programme, develop and design her own website on the Lovecode course.

She said: “Although the Lovecode course packed lots of information into three days, I was surprised at how much I absorbed and how easy it was to remember. Coding isn’t as hard as I thought it would be and now I’m a bit obsessed with it.”

The knowledge she gained has allowed her to significantly contribute to the development and management of her company’s website. She can now communicate more effectively with the web design agency and complete small website updates herself.

“Learning to code and build my own website has allowed me to get a lot more out of the web design agency that our company uses, because I understand how simple some of these tasks are to complete. Suddenly, our web designers were much more responsive and I was able to finally get them to complete a project that had been going on for months, which ultimately saved the company money. I feel like learning to code has increased my credibility in the office and members of my team really listen to what I have to say now that I have these skills.”

Having thoroughly enjoyed her initial experience with coding, she has continued to use the new skill both at work and for personal projects. She is currently developing a website from scratch for her own sewing pattern business and helping a friend develop one for her freelance bookkeeping business.

“Learning to code is extremely important – especially for women – because there is such a need for these skills, but not many opportunities to acquire them. None of my female friends know anything about coding, so there wasn’t any opportunity for me to pick it up and women aren’t typically part of the kinds of networking groups where they might be introduced to these skills. Since I completed Lovecode’s course, I have become something of a coding champion among my friends and I am able to share this knowledge to help other women who are interested in technology or want to develop a website to promote their business.”

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